Hey Friends! If you are a client, photographer or a couple looking for help for a upcoming shoot I do hope this short article helps you find out some poses you might like! If you are wondering my name is Chris Graves and I am a Houston, Texas based wedding photographer and I just want people to people to look good in their most simplest way possible! I hope you enjoy this article and do not be afraid to share this article to hopefully help others!

Couples Poses for Wedding and/or Engagement Photos

Poses for couples can be soooooooo difficult when trying to come up with the ideas on your own! As a photographer myself I think these are the best poses to do to get the most natural best looking version of yourself! This is a very opinion based idea of course, but I do think people need to look good for themselves and not do photography poses for trends they have seen online or social media!

Keep it Simple!

When starting to get ideas of wedding photography poses you can do so many things! I always like to start out with keeping it simple by just having my couples just look at each other, look at the camera and one in their most "go to" pose! This already gets three different poses done in 10 seconds in the most natural light possible!

Below is the list and some photos I took around Houston, Texas and other locations!

  • Look at me (Left)
  • Look at each other (Center)
  • "Go to" pose for photos? (Right)

Add a little more ✨Spazz✨

Once you have done what I call the simple photos you can start adding movement! I always start with having them just start walking forward by look at each other then walk instantly away! This adds dynamic and the couple really start to feel comfortable (hopefully) when doing this! I call these photos the ice breakers as we move through out the shoot! To add a little extra you can have a couple walk sideways of the camera with someone slightly leading and it will add a extra pose in the next 10 minutes of a shoot! Some Examples are listed below!

Below is a list and some examples of just adding some movement!

  • Walking towards me while looking at each other! ( left)
  • Walk away from me! (center)
  • Walk sideways, but "person x" lead slightly in front! (right)

Up and Close!

My last and favorite "mandatory" I do for most of my couples if getting closer and comfortable! These poses can very much different couple to couple, but for the most part still make magic! Touching foreheads, whispering a joke in ones ear and spinning are all photos I love to do if the couples are all for it! This adds emotion as much as movement and adds that special piece that is missing from the gallery!

Below is listed the poses and examples from the paragraph above!

  • Touch Foreheads! (Left)
  • Whisper a Joke in her (Far side of camera) ear! (Center)
  • Pick her up and spin! (Right)

Remember to have fun and get creative!

Photos are always fun when getting creative and the couple enjoys poses they would want! Everything below is more of just impromptu poses I have done for couples by there request or off the top of my head at the moment!